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Léa Vendetta, Born in Paris, France, is an accomplished Tattoo artist and works all over the World. She has been painting professionally for over 15 years and tattooing since 1996.
Her work pays often tribute to Paris and her Art deco style depicts couples dancing and Fabulous Ladies of the underworld in all their Burlesque Gloriousness!!
Her paintings have been exhibited in france, New-York, L.A and Florida since the 1990's.

Léa's work has been published in numerous National and International Magazines including Tattoo Life(International, Italy), Arte Tattoo( South America) Skin and Ink(U.S and International), Tattoo Review(U.S), Total Tattoo(U.K), Tatouage(France), Skin Deep (U.K) and Tattoo Arte (Spain).
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