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May 2011

A lot of Exciting things happened this month of may 2011, I was part of 2 charity shows and was able to help good causes by donating my Art to be raffled, so I feel really good about that.
I have paintings showing at the Art Garage in Delray Beach Florida this month and I still have a beautiful painting hanging on the wall of the Palm Beach Airport till mid july so if you happened to be at the Pal Beach Airport, make sure to look at the wall, if you're lucky you'll be able to enjoy my piece!!;)

I am still happily tattooing at "Stroke of Genius"Tattoos in Boca Raton florida, so come and book an appointment!
Call the shop: 561-393-3833

The website will be updated soon with a modeling page that we will be adding. I have been doing lots of photoshoots those last couple of years and it is about time to show the world the magic we've been doing with amazing visual teams.
We are also talking about adding a video page, that should be fun!

Also, I did a photoshoot while in LA a couple of weeks ago with the Incredible Robert Alvarado, and from that shoot I have 2 gorgeous posters that will be available to buy on this site really soon!!

A nice surprise happened to me this month and that is the portrait that Amazing Artist Elizabeth Austin did of me, She used a photograph of me that was taken by super talented photographer J.R Linton and painted a Gem! I will also have prints of this piece of Art for sale on my website really soon, so please check back!:)

...I am really excited about next month publication that it looks I will be in Next Month!!..but until I know for sure I can not tell you any details about this...soon you will know though!:)