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November 2011

..so here we are again, going towards ending another year, this one went by even faster than the others. it is already november, really soon thanksgiving, then Christmas, and so on and so on..I am excited as I love end of the year celebrations!! ..and I wish everybody the best family reunions and celebrations possible!!...I love those celebrations but I do wish I could spend them with my family who is on another continent and that I miss very much so if your family is close to you, do not take them for granted and please appreciate having them around!..I do miss my family but I am blessed to have great friends and I am looking forward sharing those celebrations with them.
So this month of november I was happy to be able to support different charity event, a marathon in Boca Raton for breasts cancer, and the famous Movember that supports men's health by growing mustaches during the whole month of november. You can check them out at: us.movember.com/ Good luck to all of them growing their Suave Mustaches!..I personnaly enjoy a fine mustache, you can probably see that in some of my paintings, my favorite one is probably the Clark Gable one, but I can not say that I am indiferrent to a classic handlebar stache ...what is your favorite mustache?