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So I'm adding to the new modeling page on www.leaslounge.com and those new pictures come from the Uber Talented Andy Hartmark( http://andyhartmarkphoto.smugmug.com/ ).

We did those in L.A this year and Andy was as cool as his work!! It was great meeting him and I hope I'll have the pleasure to work with him again in the near future! The whole team there was so fun to work with! This photoshoot was done for "Purrfect Pineapples" a 'Sur Mesure'(custom) Corset Company. Not only is the lingerie fun and stylish with mega style, but on top of that all the materials used are guaranteed vegan!

I love Erika! She is one cool chick! Check them out at http://www.purrfectpineapples.com/ The whole team there was great, I'll talk more about that day tomorrow...gotta go to work!