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Shooting the Lea Vendetta 2013 Calendar! Behind the Scenes!

Hi guys!

Take a look at this glam pic by Robert Alvarado! I’ve been working with Robert on my new “2013 Lea Vendetta Calendar.”

This shot was taken during the shoot—kind of a sneak peak! This shot exactly won’t be in the calendar, we’re keeping that undercover for now! A big thanks though to the wonderful team, Nancy Morales for Hair and Morgan Panther: MUA

 (Behind the scenes with hair and makeup!) 

We had a great time shooting it—but of course it was hard work too! It was a long and grueling day of nonstop go-go-go hair, make up, outfit changes--  12 of them to be exact!  (Of course one for each month!)

But we made it out alive and gorgeous and we all had fun doing it!

There was so much great energy on set. Robert Alvarado is just so much fun to work with. He’s the kind of guy who just keeps on cracking jokes nonstop, you never know if he's serious or kidding! Robert created beautiful pictures that I am excited to put together in a calendar for my fans and supporters! Also, Nancy Morales did my hair on this shoot and she was amazing to work with, she came up with the perfect flawless hairdo for each outfit! Morgan Panther did her magic on me as she already did before on another shoot where we worked together! She is amazing! She also came up with the perfect make up for each outfit. All of them were sexy, sultry, and outrageously glamorous! I love Morgan’s style!

A whole calendar in one day! Wow! What a challenge! We did it!

This calendar is going to be sexy, edgy and totally bad ass-- just like me! ;)