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December 2011-Inkmaster launching

Many of you must know by now, I am one of the 10 contestants on "Inkmaster" a new Spike TV show, it is the first tattoo competition TV show ever made.

So they have begun the launch of the show in Inked Magazine. You can find that issued right now in the stores, and now they are beginning to advertise a bit all over the place, they just put this video of myself on spike.com let me know what you think!

Check out Meet your Master: Lea Vendetta

It announces the brutal battle that is about to unfold before your eyes. I am both excited and pretty much terrified of what is about to happen as I have no editing power and didnt see any of the episodes! So I will be watching those with as much surprise as you all will. Whatever happens be kind guys, all the contestants are experienced talented tattooists that basically went thru some hardcore sometime hellish times to deliver to you this "piece of entertainment"and they all are AMAZING...we also had some really good times! Thank God! :)

 I hope you will all enjoy the show!