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2013 Lea Vendetta Calendar

The 2013 Lea Vendetta Calendar has been released in November 2012 with a couple Great launching parties, that I will be blogging about in the next posts.
I am back blogging here after some time off where I was busy traveling, working tattoo conventions all over the U.S, tattooing, painting, doing photoshoots, and other many projects that I will share with you on those pages. So stay tuned cause we've been busy here at Lea's Lounge!

  I'd like to share with you guys that Calendar Venture I have been on this year.
I would like to thank all of you that purchased the Calendar. Than you for supporting The art of Tattooing, as that is what you are doing when you buy one of those calendars.
We have been shipping 2013 Lea Vendetta Calendars all over the world: Japan, all over Europe, all over the US!! It has been a Great Success.

This month of February is the last month the Lea Vendetta will be for Sale, so if you do not have yours yet, this is your chance to! The price is $30 and includes S+H
It is a beautiful 11"x17" Artfully done Calendar. this is not your cheap average looking calendar, when I did this project I wantd to make sure that everything was going to be a full pro and Artfully done Piece, because that's what I'm about. So it is a really nice and classic piece to hang on your wall.
All the photos were taken by the Famous and o so talented Robert Alvarado,
here they are and those are the 12 months you will get inside the calendars:
by month, from january to december

I hope you guys will enjoy the calendar, and for those of you who already have it hanging on your wall, I hope you are enjoying and that You will keep enjoying it all year long.
Love to all of You!